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We at Acutts Property Management understand the many challenges of living and working within a Community Scheme. Our main function is therefore to assist and advise the members of a Body Corporate with the administration of Sectional Title and Share Block Community Schemes as well as Homeowners Associations.

We do this by offering a comprehensive personal and professional Managing Agent service which empowers Trustees to manage their scheme, block or complex effectively, whilst reducing the challenges that come with the daily management of a scheme or complex.

Our role as Managing Agents is to act as advisors to the Trustees as well as the members of the Body Corporate so that they remain compliant with the various requirements of the Sectional Title Act, the Sectional Title Scheme Management Act, as well as the Community Scheme Ombud Service, as well as any other act relating to Community Schemes.

Our goal is therefore to partner with our Trustees so that they do not fall foul of the requirements of the various acts relating to Sectional Title and Share Block Community Schemes.


On behalf of the Body Corporate we undertake to offer the following services:


  • Keeping of full records of the administration of the Body Corporate, including proper books of accounts in terms of general accounting principles.
  • The collection of levies and/or any other income due to the Body Corporate as advised by the Trustees and the recording of all such receipts.
  • Exercising reasonable credit control, being the work involved in the collection of arrear levies up to the point of commencement of litigation.
  • Verification and payment from available funds of all accounts payable by the Body Corporate.
  • Payment of salaries, wages, Unemployment Insurance Fund and Workmen’s Compensation, PAYE, and any other statutory levies on behalf of the Body Corporate, on the dates and in the manner determined by the statutory bodies concerned.
  • Preparation of monthly income and expenditure accounts (Cash Movement Report) together with arrear levy reports (Age Analysis) for submission to the Board of Trustees for consideration.
  • Preparation of the Annual Estimate of Income and Expenditure (Budget) for submission to the Board of Trustees and the Body Corporate for approval and determination of future levies.
  • Preparation of the Annual Financial Statements.
  • Preparation for the annual Audit by an Auditor of the Body Corporate’s choice.


  • Sending out notices for the arrangement of Annual General Meetings, Special General Meetings and, by arrangement only, the quarterly meetings of the Board of Trustees.
  • Attending quarterly Trustee Meetings by arrangement, but not exceeding one and a half hour duration.
  • Acting as Secretaries to the Body Corporate by keeping and maintaining the Minute books, Attendance Registers, the updated Management Rules and Conduct Rules, Insurance Policies, and all other permanent records of the Body Corporate.
  • Assisting and advising the Board of Trustees on procedural matters such as General Meetings, Special General Meetings, Quorums, Proxies, Resolutions and Voting Rights etc.
  • Attending to Proxy Nominations, Trustee Nominations, Agendas, Minutes etc. Preparing and dispatching notices within the required periods as required by the Sectional Title Act, Sectional Title Scheme Management Act and Community Scheme Ombud Service.


  • Open and operate an Administration Fund (current account) and a Reserve and Maintenance Fund (investment account) with our bank in the name of the Body Corporate.
  • Arrange for the Insurance of buildings and improvements and any other insurance the Body Corporate may require in terms of the acts.
  • Assisting the insurance broker to facilitate insurance claims on behalf of the Body Corporate in regard to the common property.
  • On specific instruction from the Body Corporate, assist and advise the Board of Trustees with the enforcement of the Management and Conduct Rules adopted by the Body Corporate.
  • Advise the Body Corporate as and when required with regard to the Sectional Title Act, Sectional Title Scheme Management Act and the Community Scheme Ombud Service Act, as well as the compliance therewith.


  • Assist and advise the Trustees on the management and maintenance of the Common Property.
  • Assist the Trustees with the appointment of:
    • Professional persons, firms or other organisations for the drawing up of specifications for maintenance work to be done to the common property.
    • Outside contractors to do work, or perform services to the block or complex

We have standing arrangements with reliable and competent contractors, to attend to remedial maintenance and emergencies at short notice.



Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are also more than happy to meet with the Trustees to discuss our offering, and look forward to entering into a mutually beneficial business relationship.

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